• zachary ruden

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    I am a designer of graphics, experiences, visuals, web, environments and the like. It is with a deep and earnest curiosity that I approach design. I want to learn from each project, from every client, with an open mind, to continue to improve my craft. Please view my work and feel free to reach out if you are interested in to learn more. I'm always open to a new and exciting collaboration or just talking design.

    branding, animation, front-end dev, typography, web design, ux/ui, photography, strategy

  • up and coming work:

    sling square
    branding & web

    Slingsquare is a start-up company that is currently in its funding phase. It was essential that the branding effort promoted trust by straddling the line between friendliness and professionalism. A next phase, is automating a system for creating a branding system's foundation based solely on user inputted information from a questioneer about their company.

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dona chai

elana industrial

adventure cats

hispanic american council


convivial crab luncheon 7
event design

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