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    Living and working in Brooklyn, NY, I am a designer of graphics, experiences, visuals, web, environments and the like. It is with a deep and earnest curiosity that I approach design. I want to learn from each project, from every client, with an open mind, to continue to improve my craft. This site is a sampling of products from what I've learned so far.

    branding, animation, coding, typography, web design, ux/ui, photography, strategy

  • latest work:

    dona chai

    Dona Chai is a chai tea concentrate produced in Brooklyn, New York. With a new competitors emerging in the local chai tea market, Dona Chai needed a facelift that would make it stand out in front of its competition.

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dona chai  rebranding

elana industrial  typography

adventure cats  animation

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dona chai

elana industrial

adventure cats

hispanic american council


convivial crab luncheon 7
event design